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I Help Lawyers Cancel Findlaw

Take Ownership of your Website and save Thousands of Dollars a Year.

Thanks for checking out the blog of Swell-Sites, LLC, a marketing and web development company that strives to put together an online marketing plan that works for you.  I work with lawyers who are paying too much for their websites and help them cancel FindLaw.  Taking full ownership over your website is the most cost-effective approach to online marketing for lawyers.  While you may have additional services that you want to pursue to drive traffic to your website, the website itself is not something you should have to pay for over and over again.

Driving Traffic to Your Law Firm Website

Recently I was asked to put together a Google Adwords proposal for an attorney whose website, quite frankly just wan’t ready for it.  I suggested that we drive traffic to the website in “other ways”.  The attorney asked what “other ways” meant, and I spent five days writing some thoughts about what that meant….   So here is: How to Drive Traffic To Your Law Firm Website.