Remarketing with Google Adwords


One of the best ways to improve the conversion rate on your law firm website is to give people the chance to come back to your website a second time.  This has never been easier with Google Adwords’ Remarketing program.  If you have ever shopped online, you have very likely seen a remarketing campaign.  It starts when you look at a specific product, and then leave that site without making a purchase.  Then you’ll quickly notice that seemingly everywhere else you go on the web, there’s that pair of shoes or that set of golf clubs you were looking.

How Can Remarketing Help Law Firms?

Most prospective legal clients look for information in stages.  There are visits that you’re likely already getting to your website of people who will one day hire a lawyer, but not today.   Traditionally, without remarketing, once they were gone, they’re return was more or less left to chance.  Hopefully they would remember your name.   Maybe they would remember the search they did that lead them to your website in the first place.  Remarketing keeps your name and an easy means to return to the law firm website in front of your prospective client after they leave.

How Much Does it Cost?

Most law firms can safely budget $200 a month, and will likely never get near that number.  I charge $750 for the initial set up and ad creation.  After that, I  can provide additional guidance towards fine tuning the campaign if needed, but for the most part you can leave it be.  You can get really advanced campaigns where you’re showing specific ads to people who saw specific pages, but for the most part simply keeping your logo and a simple message in front of them works well.  My law firms who are doing this now are getting about 7 to 10% of their traffic from the past 30 days back to their website through the remarketing campaign.

If you’re interested in talking more about how remarketing could help your law firm marketing efforts, call or text me at 651-271-8845 or contact me via email.  

Google Adwords Overview – Pay Per Click Advertising


Google Adwords Advertising for Law Firms

What is It?  How Much Does it Cost?  Is it Worth it?

Google Adwords – What is It?

kansas-injury-lawyerGoogle Adwords is Google’s paid advertising program.  For the purpose of legal marketing, it usually refers to the paid ads on any given search results page.  In the graphic, you can see the paid ad areas highlighted.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of Adwords is based on your budget and how you bid for keywords and phrases.  The system is fairly easy to set up and get going, but some of the keys to being successful are found in the more complex options.

Does it Work?

Well, that really depends on who you ask.  I think that there is very likely an Adwords strategy that would work for almost every type of law firm, but figuring out exactly what that winning strategy is for your specific firm can require a lot of trial and error.

Should I set up Adwords?  Or Buy it From a Service?

That is a very complex question; if you decide to buy it from a company or consultant, it’s important that you understand exactly how they get paid.  Marketing companies like to sell you “paid placement” but then don’t give you any real details on where or when you’ll appear.  So their incentive is ultimately to keep as much of your money as possible by spending as little as they can on the actual ads.  Transparency is key, just understand how you’re paying.  To read more on Adwords administrative fees, click here.

Is your Law Firm ready to set up Adwords?

A lot of the attorneys I talk to want to jump into Adwords immediately and hope to see those new clients and strong marketing returns start rolling in.  Adwords isn’t going to magically fill your waiting room or checking account.  It’s important to have every other element of your online presence handled first.  All Adwords does is drive targeted traffic to your site;  your website is still doing all the heavy lifting.  If you haven’t already addressed every potential issue on your website that can help convert a visit into someone who is taking the first step in the process to hire a lawyer, that needs to be done first.  Every potential leak in your online marketing plan needs to be plugged before you start driving what can be very expensive traffic at it.

Once everything else has been addressed, I suggest that you start slow, with a few key words and a relatively conservative budget.  A lot of the adwords system is actually set up to optimize itself.  For example, if you write copy for multiple ads, Google will start by rotating them fairly evenly, and then based on how they perform, will eventually start to display the more effective ads more often.

Questions about Adwords?  Contact Me

I offer customized Adwords set up and maintenance packages for law firms based on your specific goals.  Whether you want a few simple ads to show up within 10 or 15 minutes of your office, or want to set up an on-going campaign that will target a specific market, I can walk you through your options.  To set up a time to talk, or to just email me a few questions, see my contact info here.

The Administrative Fee

How much should the PPC Administrative Fee Be?

In addition to building websites for attorneys, there are a few law firms that I work for as their “Director of Marketing”.  More or less, it’s my job to field calls from sales people and try to make a determination as to whether or not it’s worth following up.  Because one of the firms I do this for advertises on TV, sometimes I get a lot of these calls.  I really enjoy them.  It gives me a chance to listen to what my clients are hearing when they choose to actually take a call…or I’d imagine more likely, accidentally find themselves on a call with a sales person.

Phone Sales 101

Forgive me for being a guy who used to listen to sales tapes and actually bought a mirror to look in because I knew people could “hear my smile”.  Forgive me for being a person that thinks that if you choose to bother people on the phone for a living that you should be professional and as polite as possible about it.  I did it for a while, it sucks, I know no one really loves doing it, but this woman was awful.

Maybe it’s partially my fault; I don’t say “Hello?” when I answer my phone.  I think it’s ridiculous and while it does lead to the exchange most people expect, it’s stupid.  I didn’t just walk into a dark room, I’m not yelling into a canyon to see if someone else is there.  I know you’re there.  You just called a number that the only reason to call it is to talk to me.  So we are not doing the “Hello?”  ….  “Hi is this James?” ….. “Yes, speaking”.     That seems insane to me.  To pick up your phone and then confirm that you are indeed the ONLY person who ever answers that phone….

That wasn’t awkward…I’ll show you awkward.

Anyhow, I answer my phone “This is James” and sometimes that can put sales people off rhythm or something.  So she immediately says.  “Hi!  How are you?” which you are NOT supposed to say because the prospect can just say “shitty” and then the tone of your call is sort of a mess.  I just say “fine” and then it’s dead air….about 5 seconds…and then she says “Jeez, we had sort of an awkward moment there”.  So, I make it more awkward by not saying anything.  Now, she does what she should have done right after I said “This is James” and starts with her deal.  “I’m ____ from _____ and we help drive results through the web.  Do you do any SEM or Pay Per Click marketing?”.

Now as soon as I realize that someone is trying to sell SEM or Pay Per Click marketings (or Google Adwords, the little ads at the top of the page) I only have one question; how much does it cost?  It’s honestly the only rational question.  When you purchase Adwords from anyone other than Google, that’s a re-seller.  Anytime you buy from a re-seller, especially when a direct line to the primary company that sells it is available, you’d want to know what type of mark up you’re paying…makes sense, right?  In the defense of PPC companies, they indeed DO deserve to charge you over and above, because you’re buying their expertise.  A good PPC person / company can and should make the money you spend more efficient.  The problem is in the incentive of the company you’re paying.  I am going to have to deal with that in another post, but let’s just suffice it to say that it’s really important to understand how much they’re charging you.

She didn’t know….Anything.

(ME) So, how much do you charge?

(HER) Well, that depends, our consultants work with each account to determine the optimal budget….

(interrupts) No, how much do YOU charge, I understand that I’d be paying for the
Ad budget as well, but how much do YOU charge?

Well, um….it depends, it’s a percentage.

Great, and that percentage is…

Well, it’s different depending on how much you spend, because of course we’re not going to charge someone
who is paying say, $400 a month the same as we would charge someone who is paying $4,000 a month because…..

(interrupts again) So how much is it on $400 and how much is it on $4,000, what are the percentages?

Um…hold on (muffles phone) “yeah, he wants to know how much the percentages are…”
(comes back) I’m going to actually put you in touch with my sales manager, Jason because if you actually want to talk
about the percentages he’d be better to…

(interrupts again) Look, I don’t have time to talk to Jason.  My email is
and you can email me those percentages I will look at them.   Thanks, click.

Sorry, I’m not Sorry.

Maybe that was rude.  Maybe I am a terrible person.  Maybe I should just politely decline and let her get on with her day.  But at the same time, if she said, our administrative fee is only 5% for the first month so that you can get a feel for what we do for you.  We also will let you have direct access to the Adwords and Analytics that we are using so that you can see exactly what we are bidding on and where your money is going.  We can show you how we set up and measure metrics so you can easily differentiate between your paid and organic visitors, and most important of all we can show you that you are converting the traffic that we buy into new business.  But she didn’t say any of that.  She just told me that her company is good at PPC, and when I asked the most basic question, she didn’t know the answer.  I honest to god don’t understand how any of these companies sell anything to anyone….ever.

What Should a Good PPC Administrative Fee Be?

It sort of depends on what you’re getting for it.  Generally, If you’re paying a percentage, it should be very low, like less than 10%.  I typically just charge a rate based on how many hours it will take to manage.  However, if there is a monthly fee plus a nominal fee that is not totally unreasonable.  The big problem is with companies (seemingly like this lady who called me) that don’t tell you.  Comcast (at one point) charged 35% as their standard admin fee.  That means you get $650 worth of advertising for $1,000.  You also need to consider if there is any real strategy happening.  If you are just outspending everyone for the most expensive terms, that might be effective but takes very little expertise.

Do you have questions about your PPC administration fees?  Have you ever wondered where your budget is going?  I can help you understand how Adwords works, and show you the stats directly from your account. I typically charge an on-going fee for managing Adwords, but I can also set it up on an hourly basis and you can run it.  Questions?  Call me at 651.271.8845 or click here to email me.