Do People Know What to Do At Your Home Page?

Your Home Page

Is it set up to convert your visitors to clients?

I spend a lot of time talking to my clients about their websites.  So much time that I usually neglect my own website. Recently I re-did my home page to give the visitors that I believe I have the best chance of converting an easy path to the information that I hope is most helpful to them.  Conversion rates on websites are low.  Even the best websites convert only 3 or 4% of their total traffic.  So instead of thinking that your home page is going to appeal to every possible visitor, just speak directly to the people you consider to be your best potential clients.

swell-sitesMost of my business is working with lawyers on moving away from FindLaw or building new websites.  I also work with people who want to improve their existing sites and drive more traffic.  So, made four key areas in large buttons at the top of the home page.   Take a look:  www.swell-sites.com.
hobson-homeThe idea was that I’d rather have people just jump into the page that is most relevant to them.  This makes even MORE sense if you’re talking about a law firm website, especially if you have more than one area of practice.  The home page can be challenging if you practice both, for instance, family law and criminal defense.  There are very few things that you can say that are relevant to both of these audiences.  So, it makes sense to try to get people right to the pages that are most relevant to them, or even split the page in two, like we did here at www.thehobsonlawfirm.com.

The key is just to take some time to think about how to arrange a few visual elements on the home page to help your potential client find the things they are looking for.  You don’t want someone relying on understanding that “Practice Areas” is the button that they’re looking for.

If you have questions about how to improve how your website is performing, check out some additional information at the links below or contact me today.