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FindLaw Replacement – Hobson & Hobson in Marietta, Georgia

FindLaw Replacement in Marietta, GA

I have had the pleasure of working with a handful of law firms in Marietta, Georgia.  About six months ago, Chris Hobson of Hobson & Hobson came to me and wanted to get out of his FindLaw contract as they were paying a lot for their site but weren’t seeing very good results.  I explained to them how we could re-build their site and get rid of the on-going monthly expense that they were incurring with FindLaw.  More recently, we worked on a plan to re-invest that money back into their marketing plan in the way of Google Adwords (Pay Per Click, or “PPC”) and have a long term plan to put some videos together.

Overall, they have been very happy with the new site and have seen better results since the switch.  More recently, we began working on re-vamping a few areas of content and working to drive our better conversion by making clear and obvious paths for potential clients to follow to the information they need.