Google Map Listings

Here is the Google map listing for the search "Minneapolis Work Comp Lawyer"

Google Map Listings

Getting Your Law Firm Listed on Google Maps / Google+

One of the greatest positions you can get your website in to is the map listing that shows up for selected searches on Google.  These listing display information from Google+, which is the primary reason that your Google+ profile is so important.

So How Do I get my Law Firm on Google Maps?

Good Question.  First, you have to see what’s out there and try to claim your business listing.  This may have already been done, you may have to find access to an old email, etc.  There are a lot of potential variables, but no matter what hoops you have to jump through, get your listing verified and associated with a gmail account, ideally the one you’re going to use for all of the services related to your website.

You go through a verification process (either by phone or by mail) where they give you a PIN number to confirm you are the owner and that it’s the correct phone number / address.  To make edits to the information that people see (pictures, hours, contact information, web address, etc) you will make changes through Google+.  You’re going to want to add as much information as you can, because Google is generally going to display the listings with the most information.   You can also seen the graphic that having a couple of reviews can really set you apart from the competition.

Your phone number

It is critical that you do not let a marketing company put a tracking number on any permanent listing, especially your Google+.  Not only is this an underhanded trick on their part, since they’re effectively taking credit for traffic that already belonged to you, but what’s worse, they’re jeopardizing your overall results.  You want each citation of your business to confirm who you are, what you do, and your contact information.  Having different phone numbers out there weakens the message we are trying to send to Google.