Google Adwords Overview – Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Adwords Advertising for Law Firms

What is It?  How Much Does it Cost?  Is it Worth it?

Google Adwords – What is It?

kansas-injury-lawyerGoogle Adwords is Google’s paid advertising program.  For the purpose of legal marketing, it usually refers to the paid ads on any given search results page.  In the graphic, you can see the paid ad areas highlighted.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of Adwords is based on your budget and how you bid for keywords and phrases.  The system is fairly easy to set up and get going, but some of the keys to being successful are found in the more complex options.

Does it Work?

Well, that really depends on who you ask.  I think that there is very likely an Adwords strategy that would work for almost every type of law firm, but figuring out exactly what that winning strategy is for your specific firm can require a lot of trial and error.

Should I set up Adwords?  Or Buy it From a Service?

That is a very complex question; if you decide to buy it from a company or consultant, it’s important that you understand exactly how they get paid.  Marketing companies like to sell you “paid placement” but then don’t give you any real details on where or when you’ll appear.  So their incentive is ultimately to keep as much of your money as possible by spending as little as they can on the actual ads.  Transparency is key, just understand how you’re paying.  To read more on Adwords administrative fees, click here.

Is your Law Firm ready to set up Adwords?

A lot of the attorneys I talk to want to jump into Adwords immediately and hope to see those new clients and strong marketing returns start rolling in.  Adwords isn’t going to magically fill your waiting room or checking account.  It’s important to have every other element of your online presence handled first.  All Adwords does is drive targeted traffic to your site;  your website is still doing all the heavy lifting.  If you haven’t already addressed every potential issue on your website that can help convert a visit into someone who is taking the first step in the process to hire a lawyer, that needs to be done first.  Every potential leak in your online marketing plan needs to be plugged before you start driving what can be very expensive traffic at it.

Once everything else has been addressed, I suggest that you start slow, with a few key words and a relatively conservative budget.  A lot of the adwords system is actually set up to optimize itself.  For example, if you write copy for multiple ads, Google will start by rotating them fairly evenly, and then based on how they perform, will eventually start to display the more effective ads more often.

Questions about Adwords?  Contact Me

I offer customized Adwords set up and maintenance packages for law firms based on your specific goals.  Whether you want a few simple ads to show up within 10 or 15 minutes of your office, or want to set up an on-going campaign that will target a specific market, I can walk you through your options.  To set up a time to talk, or to just email me a few questions, see my contact info here.