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Google Mobile Update – Are You Ready?

Well, here comes another Google update; time to panic, right?  Well, hopefully not.  Like a lot of Google updates, this one is doing something fairly predictable; shuffling results around a little bit based on their updated ideas of what makes a website good.  This time, how you look on a tablet or phone is part of their criteria for “good”.

How Do I know if My Website is Mobile Friendly?

One easy way to test is simply to see what it looks like when your browser window gets very small.  I have embedded a small video that shows what the home page of looks like. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the lower right hand corner of your browser, and then clicking and dragging it to resize.  (This is roughly the same thing that you should be seeing in the animation above).

Responsive vs. Mobile Friendly

If you watched the video, and then tried it on your site and it didn’t work, don’t panic.  That doesn’t necessarily mean your site isn’t mobile friendly.  I always suggest that people use responsive design, which is what you’re seeing in the video above.  But there are also a lot of providers who “redirect” to a mobile version.

Two Other ways to see if you’re Mobile Friendly

1. Use this Google Tool
In preparation for the Google Mobile Update, Google has actually provided some tools to help measure how mobile friendly your website is.  You can enter the domain of your law firm website here and get a result fairly quickly that says if you are mobile-friendly or not.

2. Check Yourself (this is probably the best way)
This may seem simple, but have you ever looked at your law firm website on your phone?  What did it look like?  Was the text hard to read?   Was it just a squished up version of the full website?  How about on an iPad?  Now, turn it, because sometimes the display when holding the phone landscape is different than when you hold it in the portrait position.

Does it Matter?

In a word, yes.  For two reasons; first, because when Google finally says “hey, we’re going to punish / reward you based on this new criteria” you need to pay attention.  Especially when that criteria is one that you probably should have taken into consideration years ago.  Secondly, if you’ve looked at your Google Analytics in the past year or two, you’re probably seeing that more and more mobile users are coming on your site.

If you have questions about getting your site up to date, what it would cost and how it can help your overall marketing plan, contact me today.