The Illusion of Success

The Illusion of Success

Are you attributing more business than you should to your FindLaw website?

I wrote an article for my website, and now I’m making a blog post about it.  It’s tricky to know what should be on your website vs. what should be on your blog.  I have decided that since this concept (of the Illusion of Success with your law firm website) isn’t going anywhere to put it on the website.  But, then again, my blog is starving for content, so I figured I’d at least mention it here.

What is the Illusion of Success?

More or less, what I’m referring to is law firms attributing business or success in general to their website when it doesn’t deserve it.  Look, I love it when people get business from the websites that I build, and I would love for people to think that every client they get from their website is because of what an attractive and usable design I created, and what compelling content I put on the site, and how the design leads people to look at the contact form, and projects a professional and experienced law firm.  But what if it was just a referral?  Then do I get all of that credit?  I mean, they DID go to the site, right?   In short, the Illusion of Success is the idea that people are giving their websites too much credit, which in and of itself maybe isn’t so bad.  What’s bad is if you’re using that illusion to justify paying thousands to keep your site up.

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