Google plus for lawyers

Your Phone Number & Your Google Plus Profile

Your Google Plus Profile, Social Media Marketing Products & Your Phone Number

Why it’s really important that a third party isn’t in control of your online identity.

This week I got an email from a client that I’ve worked with for a long time.  We have a fairly regular lunch meeting and it’s someone I would consider a friend.  This lawyer, like a lot of lawyers I work with, also works with other vendors, phone book reps, sales people of all types… That’s normal.  I’m always happy to help my clients work through the on-going nightmare / but also sometimes necessity of working with other marketing companies.  But when she asked me to forward the log-in to the Google plus profile I panicked.  Sneaky marketing companies like to tell you that they have a package to help with social media.  It’s very important to understand exactly what they are doing.

Never, Ever Let another Company put their Tracking Number on Your Google Plus Profile

It’s somewhat common practice for third party marketing companies to want to “manage your online identify”.  In many cases, this can involve them plugging a tracking number in on your Google+ profile; this is problematic for a number of reasons.  First, they are more or less taking credit for traffic and exposure that you very likely would have received regardless of their overpriced efforts.  What’s even more troubling, it could have a negative effect on your overall SEO efforts.  Google looks for citations of your business online to confirm who you are.  Having a consistant phone number across as many platforms as possible is important to your SEO.

Don’t Let Marketing Companies Take Credit For the Exposure You Already Have

One of the most common tactics by online marketing companies is to try to take credit for organic exposure that you already have.  This can get fairly confusing, since there are a lot of companies that charge you for “organic” results.  True organic results have to do with your business and how Google views your business.  While this does require some set-up to work correctly, it should not be treated as part of your marketing program, and it certainly should not have any phone number other than your permanent business line.