Remarketing your law firm website

When the Remarketing Kicks in

If you’ve seen my posts lately, you know I’m on a little bit of a remarketing kick.  At the risk of using words that seem confusing next to one another, I think remarketing is remarkable.  I’ve already done a basic write up and short video about remarketing and how it works, which you can see here.

Remarketing-resultThis morning I was looking for a recipe for turkey.  At the bottom of the article was my advertisement.  I was pretty pleased.  Not because I’m so simple that it makes me happy to see my logo, but because I knew that other people, specifically my potential clients who have been to my website in the past, were probably seeing the same ad.  A lot of what I do is work with lawyers who want to cancel their FindLaw website.  Just like a potential client for bankruptcy, or divorce, or even criminal defense, my potential clients have a problem that needs to be solved; specifically, that they’re paying too much for their website.  It’s something they’ve been meaning to deal with, but procrastination and full schedules are real things, so they have not.

I get that for most people, hiring a lawyer is something that’s going to come with more urgency than buying a new law firm website, but I think that’s even more of a reason to keep your ads in front of your potential clients.  A lawyer who is paying too much for his site sees that Swell-Sites ad and at a minimum, is reminded “yeah, I have to deal with that thing”.  Same story for you.  “I need to get around to choosing a divorce lawyer”.  “I need to finally learn if bankruptcy is an option”.  “I need to be ready for my court date”.  Regardless of the specifics of who your potential client is, staying in front of them is key.

Remarketing is also VERY affordableremarketing-chart

I charge $750 for the set up on remarketing, and I understand that probably sounds like a lot.  Two things that I want to make clear; first, there is a good amount of work that goes into creating all of the different sized ads, which you need.  More importantly, once your remarketing is set up, it’s going to cost you very little to keep it going.  My remarketing campaign is very new, but I’ll point out a few things from the screenshot.  First, my ads have been seen 1,068 times.  These are all people who have been to my website before, and now they’re seeing my ads again.  Second, only four people have actually clicked on my ads.  Now this is clearly not that amazing of a clickthrough rate, but I sort of think of the impressions without clicks as free advertising.  They’re seeing my ad, it’s reminding them of my message, and if they haven’t taken care of their problem, it might spur them to action.  If you can’t see, my average cost per click has been $1.76.  So over the course of 4 days, I spent less than $2 a day, and over 1,000 people saw my ad.

If you have questions about how remarketing can help your law firm marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to contact me today.